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Rain, rain; Go away March 29, 2010

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It’s been pouring down here since last night. It’s making me really groggy on this Monday morning. I’m trying to be motivated at work, but it hasn’t happened yet!

It’s frustrating how weekends always seem to fly by, but the weeks just creep and crawl! We had a pretty good weekend, though.

On Saturday, I went with my best friend to go have her try on wedding dresses and pick out our bridesmaid dresses. It was a really fun day. She got lucky and found a perfect dress that looked beautiful on her. The bridesmaids picked different dresses – I’m really happy with the one I chose, and I know I’ll be able to wear it again for other things. It was really fun being on the other side of things – instead of doing all that for my own wedding.

Here’s a picture of us (that I stole from the bride to be) surrounded by dresses!

And… Here’s the dress (color and all) that I’ll be wearing. The material is so soft and comfortable!

I did really bad on my eating plan this weekend though. 😦 Saturday we went to Olive Garden where I pigged out on their delicious chicken, broccoli alfredo! It was soooo good, but it’s just depressing to see that there are more calories than I should eat in a day in that one dish!! And that’s not even counting the breadsticks I chowed on or the margarita! Yikes! My plan was to get back on track Sunday… Well, the hubby decided to take us out for a late lunch where I ate some chicken parmesan and then we had a birthday dinner for the father-in-law, last night. I’m determined to actually stay within my goals this week though. Summer – shorts, tank tops and bathing suits, oh my! – is coming faster than I can believe.


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