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Forgetfulness & things to expect April 5, 2010

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It figures that I would forget my camera on the day that I wanted to post a bunch of pictures and updates on here.

Here are some things to expect and look forward to for this week’s updates:

  • A and an Easter egg hunt
  • A and I dying eggs
  • The playground and trampoline enclosure project
  • Updates to the garden and new trees being planted
  • The creation of a new garden and all the work putting in a border and digging up the grass in that area

Overall, we had a really great Easter weekend though. The weather was absolutely gorgeous again so we spent most of it outside. We went to my grandma’s house for Easter lunch and I ate way too much food. It was so yummy though!

As far as exercising this weekend, it’s a pretty big fail. I did do a lot of gardening, so I guess I’ll count that, and A and I did take a nice long walk, but other than that we just took it easy. I also just bought the EA Active More Workout Wii game, thanks to a great coupon code, so I can’t wait for that to come in so I can try it out.


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