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Easter Weekend April 6, 2010

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We had such a good weekend. The weather was gorgeous and we spent the majority of it outside.

On Saturday I took A to an Easter Egg hunt. It bothers me when you go to an Easter Egg Hunt and all they do is spread about a thousand eggs all over the grass – back to back. That’s how this one was. All the kids had to do was run around and grab as many eggs as they could off the grass. I think it’s no fun that way. This “hunt” (if you can even call it that) lasted MAYBE 30 seconds. It was like a swarm of kids just grabbing. I like the old fashioned egg hunts where the eggs are actually hidden. I think that way it’s more fun for the kids to actually try to find them and it makes the hunt last longer. I wish I would have thought to take a picture of the ground before the kids attacked it.

Later that evening we went to a friend’s house who owns an Easter bunny costume. She does it every year – dresses up and lets kids come over that she knows to get up close and personal with the bunny. In the past few years, A has been a little scared of the bunny, but this year he had no issues. He was hugging it and had no problem shaking it’s hand (paw?).

Sunday, after church we dyed Easter Eggs. I went to eat one afterwards and I must not have cooked them right… Yeah, I know, how hard is it to cook a hard boiled egg?? Well, I guess it’s not that simple because I messed every single one of them up. The middle was all squishy and this really strange bright yellow color – not normal at all. Then the white was a little mushy feeling too. YUCK. Needless to say – I had to toss them all 😦 I left the dye out, so we might try for round #2 and see if I can’t do them correctly.

We did go to my grandma’s house Sunday for a late lunch, which was super yummy. I was so stuffed though – I could barely breathe! All in all, it was a great weekend. What are some of your Easter traditions?


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