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Garden Project April 8, 2010

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When I first started this project, I did not realize how much work and time was going to be needed for it. After a few intense evenings of working on it and some much needed help from my dad, it’s all done!

This hill is on the side of our house leading back towards our back patio and basement doors. The hill is pretty steep and after Aidan tried to ride his bike down it one too many times, I decided something needed to be done with it! So what else but — a garden!!

This is what we had to start with (as you can see, it’s pretty ugly):


I really did not realize how hard it is to tear out grass and smooth everything down. I definitely got my exercise and did some stomach tightening with that part of it!

I bought several plants that lay low and spread wide so that they will eventually cover the bottom portion of the hill.

I finally planted everything last night and I’m very happy with the end result! Don’t mind the hose coming out from our drain pipe – I’ll be buying more mulch to cover it all up. 🙂

I love daisies!

This is from my garden out in the  front of our house. I just love the bright color of these azaleas! They have really all come out in beautiful blooms!

And, lastly – these are some blooms from my Bradford Pear tree that I planted on the side of our house. I think these trees are just gorgeous when they get bigger. I want to get a few more to plant around the house as well.


One Response to “Garden Project”

  1. kristen0919 Says:

    This turned out BEAUTIFUL!!! You did such a good job! I’m very impressed!

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