Life, Love & Everything in Between

About March 25, 2010

For some reason I always hate filling out these about me survey things. I feel like I’m on an interview or something. But here goes anyway…

The simple version:

I’m a working mom to a handsome five year old little man. The hubby and I got married in May 2009 in a simple, fun backyard wedding. We’ve been together over 6 years now, got married after being together for 5.

We built a house and moved in it in December 2008. I love doing stuff around the house – all from decorating and getting new furniture or things to hang on the walls to reorganizing. I also love working in the gardens. I never thought I would be a gardener, but there’s somthing so great about taking all the time to plant things and make everything look pretty and seeing it doing well.

I just take each day as it comes and try to do the best I can in every situation I’m faced with.

Now for the “About Me” in picture version:

My wonderful family

My little man who keeps me on my toes!

Maggie, the dog 🙂


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