Life, Love & Everything in Between

Goals March 25, 2010

I originally started a 101 in 1001 list, but it’s a lot harder than you would think to come up with 101 goals! So this has now turned into just a general goals page 🙂

I’ll still be checking back and marking off goals that I’ve completed -hopefully all of them eventually!

Personal Goals:

1.  Send a letter by mail to someone I haven’t talked to in a while    

2. Splurge on a king sized bed

3.  Take a whole week’s vacation, not just a weekend here and there

4.  Read an auto-biography

5.  Learn to drive a stick shift

6.  Get a facial

7.  Go back to school and take classes, even if it’s online

8.  Don’t go online for at least a week straight

9.  Blog at least 5 times a week

10.  Learn how to knit

11.  Volunteer

12.  Write thank you letters for everything someone gives me

13.  Host a BBQ

14.  Wear my hair down every day for a month straight

15.  Have a picnic

16.  Donate blood

17.  Eat at a restaurant alone

18.  Join a book club

19.  List 25 things I love about myself

20.  Make a snow angel

21.  Buy a laptop

22.  Go tubing

23.  Write a poem

Family Goals:

24.  Read Aidan a book every single night before bed

25.  Go on a family vacation

26.  Watch Aidan have a successful, fun first year in Kindergarten   

27.  Have another baby

28.  Go on a date night at least once a month

29.  Get family portraits done

House Goals:

30.  Plant a vegetable garden

31.  Build a garage (well, have someone build it for me, obviously!)

32.  Plant a dogwood tree

33.  Plant a cherry blossom tree

34.  Finish off the one side of the basement

35.  Paint the dining room area

36.  Put up a tile backsplash in the kitchen

37.  Buy a new grill

Travel Goals:

38.  Go on a cruise

39.  See another Broadway play

40.  See a drive-in movie

41.  Go to Disney World

42.  Go to NYC again

43.  Go on a plane (and convince the hubby to get on one with me!)

44.  Ride a train

Organization Goals:

45.  Start (and finish) my wedding scrapbook

46.  Print off all the pictures sitting on my computer

47.  Clean out all the closets and donate what we don’t use

48.  Clean out the entire basement and organize/get rid of junk


Financial Goals:

49.  Put money into a savings account every month for a year

50.  Pay off debt

51.  Cut up my credit cards


Health Goals:

52.  Buy fruit and vegetables from a farmer’s market

53.  Stop drinking sodas for a month

54.  Bake a whole chicken

55.  Lose 20- 30 pounds

56.  Bake fresh bread

57.  Do couch to 5k training

58.  Get certified in CPR

59.  Plan meals in advance for the week ahead

60.  Try to cook at least one meal a week that does not contain meat.


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